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“Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now is the time his bones are being formed, his mind is being developed. To him, we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today.” – Gabriela Mistral (poet/educator)

Thanks for visiting our site! We know that you, like everyone else, want nothing more than to have your child grow up to be a successful, happy adult. But, as parents who have “lived and learned,” we also know that simply “wanting” good things for our children isn’t enough. We have to help them find their ways – nurture and nudge them along, help them think about the many possibilities life holds for them, and give them tools and information they need to take control of their destinies. That’s what we want to help you do . . . and, that’s why we decided to develop this website – we want to help you help your children prepare for all the wonderful things life can be for them. And the piece we’ll focus on in this site is career planning.

We, the developers of this site, are educators, and we understand that it is you – the parent – who have the strongest influence on your child’s career development process…and career development IS a process, but more about that later! You may be laughing here, thinking that you are the last person your child listens to and seeks advice from. But, we assure you it is true. As much as we educators would like to think we’re omnipotent, it just isn’t true. You and you alone have the strongest influence over what your children may or may not become in life. Your children look to you for cues, information, and guidance. They may not consciously know this, or admit it to you, but it is nonetheless true.

So, here we are! We have tried to fill this site with facts, insights, stories, quizzes, and activities you can do with your kids, as well as links to many other helpful sites. We want you (and your child!) to gain an understanding of the career planning process and leave our site feeling ready and empowered to take action!

By the way, we have customized our site to some extent for parents and students in the PACE Consortium, serving Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties in South Carolina. But if you are “visiting” from outside our service area, you will still find that most of the information we provide is universally useful; the basic precepts of good career planning apply to everyone.

Visit us often! We are adding new information all the time!

“Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.” –Thomas Carlyle


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