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Success for Multicultural Students

“Nowhere in American society is cultural diversity being felt more strongly than in the workplace.” 
--Michael R. Kastre, Nydia Rodriguez Kastre, and Alfred G. Edwards,       The Minority Career Guide, p.1.

Other parts of this website talk about the many changes that have occurred in the workplace over the last few decades. One significant change is the diversity of the workforce today. In recent years, the US has become a virtual melting pot of people from all over the world who have come here in search of peace and prosperity. In fact, according to Techniques magazine, “the Census Bureau projects that racial and ethnic minorities will soon constitute nearly one-half of all Americans” (February 2000).

Combine this trend with the many options available for young people today plus the current low unemployment rate, and it is clear that there has never been a better time for multicultural students to be planning for a career. Companies are working harder than ever to find employees with fresh ideas and a solid work ethic, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, or socioeconomic background. Additionally, business and industry understand that “diversity of thought and expression is a catalyst for creativity – a characteristic that can make or break a business” (Techniques, February 2000).

So, as you help your son or daughter prepare for a career, think positively about the workplace of today and the many qualities that your child has to offer an organization. For tips on how to help your child prepare for the exciting and diverse job market of the 21st century, click below:

10 Success Tips for Multicultural Students

Find a Mentor Find a Mentor
Communicate with Teachers and other Professionals Communicate with Teachers and other Professionals
Encourage a Can Do Attitude Encourage a “Can Do” Attitude
Praise Your Child Praise Your Child
Use Your Resources Use Your Resources
Encourage Peer Networking Encourage Peer Networking
Plan with Your Child Plan with Your Child
Adopt a Fresh Approach to Goal-Setting and Networking Adopt a Fresh Approach to Goal-Setting and Networking
Encourage Self-Assessment Encourage Self-Assessment
Consider Non-Traditional Careers Consider “Non-Traditional” Careers
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