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The content of this website was developed by Amanda Blanton, Director of Collaboration and Special Projects at Tri-County Technical College and former Career Specialist for the Partnership for Academic and Career Education. Much appreciation is extended to Diana Walter, Dean of Enrollment Development and Community Relations, and to Rebecca Eidson, Director of Enrollment Systems and Community Outreach, at Tri-County Technical College for their constant guidance, support, and many contributions during the development stage. Appreciation is also extended to the members of the PACE Coordinating Board and Curriculum Committee for their endorsement of this project from the beginning and for their continued interest and support.

The PACE Director & Career Specialist is responsible for quarterly updates to this site. Please contact the PACE office if you have any questions or comments about the Your Child's Career website or if you have any problems accessing links. Contact information is provided below.

This website was made possible through Federal School-to-Work funding from the South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Career and Technology Education, and was developed by the Partnership for Academic and Career Education, Pendleton, S.C. The website is now maintained through the Federal Carl D. Perkins Tech Prep grant.

The Partnership for Academic and Career Education
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e-mail: Emily Ryan, PACE Director & Career Development Specialist

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